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Light with Shadow

Seoul Design 2022 The thematic exhibition

NEWance, Light with Shadow:
Light and shadow. Aesthetics and harmony felt by contrasting contrasts

  • Date: October 19-28, 2022

  • Venue: DDP Art Hall 1

  • Hosted by: Seoul

  • Organized by: Seoul Design Foundation

  • ​Plan: ARTICA BY VEAM Interactive

Light and darkness, like two sides of a coin, are interrelationships that exist beyond complementary levels. The aesthetic sense found in the coexistence of light and shadow unfolds a nuance beyond our imagination. We thought that with this contrasting contrast, we could use the upcoming meaning and dramatic aesthetic to design with the addition of artistic elements.

Nuance is a dictionary meaning of "feel or impression from subtle differences such as tone, brightness, saturation, and tone," and the purpose of this theme exhibition hall is to "discover newness" by combining "digital convergence" thoughts and methods. In addition, we prepared it so that we could start from imagination by showing not only the results but also the materials and development process of discovering them.

Material Concept of 
Light with Shadow 

Light is the source of all energy. And the law of coexistence, like the two sides of a coin, only recognizes light when there is darkness. The decisive evidence of this coexistence is the shadow. Although they are contradictory, we studied the beginnings of the process and result of NEW.ance, which can be new and beautiful by incorporating digital into a new nuance with aesthetics and harmony extracted from the contrast that is formed by creating each other's existence.


Through in-depth experiments on the correlation between light energy and shadows, the following six characteristics were categorized and nuanced experiments were conducted on the corresponding aesthetic sensations.

1. Light transmission / 2. Light exposure / 3. Light perception / 4. Light depth and direction / 5. Light diffusion / 6. Light reflection


Through the experimental extraction of these correlations, we share the principles and ideas of aesthetics to enrich our daily lives.


Creative Director  Cho Hong rai (Paul C.)   
Art Director  Jeong Park

빛과 그림자의 소재 컨셉관

Material Concept of Light with Shadow  |  Paul C.(Cho Hong rai), Jeong Park, 2022

Stages of Light and Time 1.
One day, life (Just 1 Day)

Media artwork by media artist Paul C.(Director Cho Hong rai's series) 1.

He has been working on a series of works that add temporal narrative to a surreal expression that mixes the real and the unreal. By adding unreal shadow images to real objects and spaces, a subtle surreal scene was realized with the façade complex technology. In the relationship between light and shadow that pours through the window, it calmly depicts the beginning of a day that is like a person's life or life.

  • Dimensions (mm): 3,500 (H) x 4,000 (W) x 5,000 (D)

  • Playing time: 04'00”

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork Technique: Single Channel Video(04'00”), Mixed Media, Object, Plant, 65" Display, Sound, Lighting

  • Music 1. Nils Frahm - Ambre

  • Music 2. Claude Debussy ‒ Images (from Cho Seong-jin's album)

빛과 시간의 단상(斷想) 1. 
하루, 인생 (Just 1 Day)

Stage of Light and Time 1. Just 1 Day  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022

Stage of light and time 2.
Recall (Memory)

Media artwork by media artist Paul C.(Director Cho Hong rai's series) 2.

"Two people see the same thing but have different memories." Looking at the shadows of the fabrics reflected in the continuous rotation looking at each other as if they were meeting over the window or not, they were actually meeting continuously. It is a first-person media that sits on a chair and looks at the window as if recalling the old days, and when you look at it from behind after experiencing it in the chair, you can finally see the "relationship" between the image (my memory) and the shadow (the other's memory). It was designed as a complex structure through the layer phenomenon of images and real objects in the sense of space in the window.

  • Dimensions (mm): 3,500 (H) x 4,000 (W) x 5,000 (D)

  • Playing time: 04'00”

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork technique: Single Channel Video(04'00”), Mixed Media, MDF Panel, Wooden Dowels, Glass, 85” Display(2ea), Sound, Lighting, Dimensions Variable

  • Music 1. Nils Frahm - A Walking Embrace

빛과 시간의 단상(斷想) 2.
 회상 (Memory)

A Stage of Light and Time 2. Memory  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022

Baptism of Light

Paul C. (Cho Hong rai) 

Media artwork by media artist Paul C.(Director Cho Hong rai's series) 3.

Light accompanies space and is also space itself. 
As a factor that affects the role of the device that draws in light and the shape of the room, it has a relationship with light and creates a 'baptism of light' with PDLC material to give the space characteristics. Let's reflect on the leisure of life in the 'Bitmong' space that captures the ever-changing light and radiates inspiration through dynamic shadow movement.

  • Dimensions (mm): 4,595(H) x 3,363(W) x 1,880(D) 4,600(H) x 3,400(W) x 1,900(D)

  • Play time: 03'00”

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork technique: Mixed Media, PDLC Display, MDF Panel, Fabric, Sound, Lighting, etc.

  • Music 1:

뉴앙스, 빛의 세례

Nuance, Baptism of Light  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022

Light with Shadow Resembling the Universe

Artwork by Guest Attica, Jeong Park (Director, Jeong Park  Studio)

Cosmos is a mobile and an object that expands through the elements of points and lines. 
Through the element of symbiosis of light and shadow, he does not limit himself to the work, but interprets and creates the space called the universe that extends beyond the work. 
This is a microcosm, a part of the universe that the artist thinks.

  • Dimensions (mm): 2,400(H) x 1,200(W) x 1,200(D)

  • Play time: 03'00”

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork technique: Using wood and metal balls, a vertical and horizontal object is placed in the center using wire and thread. Create a space using the lights surrounding the object.

  • Music 1. Nils Frahm - Talisman

 우주를 닮은 빛과 그림자

Cosmos, light and shadow resembling the universe. |  Jeong Park, 2022

Space Facing the Light

Media artwork by media artist Paul C. (Director Cho Hong rai's series) 4.

It provides a 'space as a phenomenon' where you can feel the division of space anew only by blending and gradation of different lights by combining the planes of the sculpture that are burning with light.
In addition, the artist embodies beauty through the formative balance of the metaphor of 'stairs and windows' to the surface area of life of 'rising and falling'.

  • Dimensions (mm): 3,500 (H) x 4,000 (W) x 5,000 (D)

  • Play Time: N/A

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork technique: Wooden Panel, RGB T5, Mixed Media

빛을 면하는 공간

A space facing the light  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022

Light and Shadow of
Human History Contrast

Media artwork by media artist Paul C.(Director Cho Hong rai's series) 5.

The contrast of light and darkness, like two sides of a coin, depicts the light and darkness in our lives, the joys and sorrows of human history. If you follow the fragments of the joys and sorrows that are revealed in the light and dark, you can meet the inner side of human affairs that has reached the level of indifference. The video for each part of cow, which has been with human history for the longest time, metaphorically expresses the part of human emotion.

  • Dimensions (mm): 3,500 (H) x 4,000 (W) x 5,000 (D)

  • Playing time: 04'30”

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork technique: Object, Projection Mapping

  • Music 1. kychen - When I Watched Basketball

  • Music 2. Incognito - african song (tribal)

  • Music 3. Incognito - Barumba (Daniel Maunick's Mix)

  • Music 4. Incognito - Always There (David Morales Remix)

  • Music 5. towa tei – butterfly

  • Movie 1. Sex And The City - 2008

인간사 명암(Contrast)의 빛과 그림자

Light and Shadow of Contrast in Human History  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022

Storyteller of New Media,
V story

Paul C. (Cho Hong rai)

Design vision from the director who planned the theme of Nuance, Light with Shadow(documentary video). 

Director Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), who planned the thematic exhibition hall and oversaw media art with poetic expression, and the booth of VEAM INTERACTIVE, which he is leading. This is an organization that introduces design and artwork to the world through the convergence of art and technology.


In particular, we will listen to serious attitudes and insights into the digital art genre at a time when creative curation is important in the future.

  • Dimensions (mm): 3,500 (H) x 4,000 (W) x 5,000 (D)

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Artwork Technique: Mixed Media

뉴미디어의 스토리텔러, V story
뉴미디어의 스토리텔러, V story

Storyteller of new media, V story  |  Cho Hong rai(Paul C.), 2022


Paul C.
(Cho Hongrai)

Director Cho Hong rai, a media artist who has been doing user experience design (UX/CX) in various industrial fields penetrating digital and spatial design of new media environments, is an artist who is doing digital art, A.K.A. Paul C. He is also a designer who broadened the horizon of design.

The artist, who has pursued novelty at the boundary between art and design, has worked hard for over 20 years as the founder and CEO of Asia top-notch new media content companies, <Veam Interactive> and <Vinyl Group>.

He showed a grand slam of winning all three of the world three major design awards and four domestic ministers awards for his digital design.

Currently, he is preparing for a new news in the art genre incorporating digital by operating Veam Interactive, which provides a convergence of new media art and technology, and Artica, an artist group of Veam.


What was the biggest influence on the big theme of 'NEWance' and the subtitle of 'Light with Shadow'?

NEWance, Light with Shadow
by Paul C.

폴씨(조홍래 디렉터) | Paul C.

Paul C. (Director Cho Hong rai)

Jeong Park

Jeong Park, who has been working as a designer in Denmark for 5 years, is a designer and writer who crosses various scales from furniture to space. 

She continues to work with her own color and temperature without being bound by the realm of design. In this exhibition, she creates objects using dots and lines, and uses light and shadow to show expanded space.

박정언 | Jeong Park

Jeong Park

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