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"The Art Challenges the Technology,
the Technology Inspires the Art"


Pixar, John Lasseter

When we talk about creativity, we are always confronted with abstract but intuitive outcomes, such as art (art) or artistic aesthetics, its nuances, and perfection and unknown intimacy. This is our destiny to create a result of creativity, a series of 'inspiration and challenges'.

This is because we are in an era where we have to calmly draw our own paintings at the interface between art and commercial commercialization. Beam tries to find the beginning of the cause that makes us strong in 'the courage to go back and forth between the interface between technology and art'. The challenge of embodying artistic imagination, the skill to expand inspiration, and to keep me standing at the borderline all the time.

ARTICA, the leading artist group that leads this contact point, is like the fate of this era, which was born in the face of Singularity.

Paul C. (Digital Artist, CVO of VEAM INTERACTIVE)



Veam calls itself a digital evangelist who realizes and executes more inspiring digital based on technical and artistic planning of design, and wants to create a complementary structure through the interaction between art and technology.  To this end, Digitally-Art Crew works with several carefully selected artists, including Paul C.(author), who is a digital artist and leads the Veam organization.


Light with Shadow

뉴앙스, 빛과 그림자
  • 일시: 2022년 10월 19일 ~ 28일

  • 장소: DDP 아트홀 1관

  • 주최: 서울특별시

  • 주관: 서울디자인재단

  • ​기획 및 제작: 아티카 BY 빔인터랙티브

[서울디자인 2022] 주제전시,
뉴앙스, 빛과 그림자:
상반된 콘트라스트에서 느껴지는 미감과 조화.

서울디자인재단에서 주관한 [서울디자인 2022]의 주제전시를 빔인터랙티브의 아트크루 아티카에서 기획하고 제작하여 빛과 그림자의 콘트라스트에서 추출한 미감과 조화로 새로운 뉘앙스(nuance)에 디지털을 편입하여 새로운 뉴앙스(NEWance)가 만들어지는 과정과 결과의 단초들을 미디어아트 라는 장르로 구현하였습니다.


NEWance, Light with Shadow
by Paul C.

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